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The Txt Starter Kit only scratches the surface of what's possible with Umbraco. Below the Txt Starter Kit and its modules lies a great architecture that lets you implement whatever you need.

With Umbraco you've finally got a solid, open and reliable platform for websites as basic as the Txt site, and Umbraco can be rapidly expanded to support multi-language websites, collaboration platforms and intra/extranets, to name just a few.

Advanced functionality is created with Umbraco macros, built with Umbraco's award-winning .NET integration, including full support for any .NET User or Custom control and ASP.NET MVC. Create and integrate your own .NET macros in mere minutes with point and click simplicity. Simply copy your controls to the Umbraco website, go to the Developer section and create a new macro, selecting your control from the list.

You can also use Microsoft's Razor syntax to quickly add dynamic functionality to your site.

We've also gathered the best community macros into a repository that's also accessed from the Developer section, in the Packages area. You can find more information about creating macros, on the Umbraco website.

The sky is the limit with Umbraco, and you have the benefit a friendly community, training, and guaranteed support. Find out how to get help.

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Koolhydraatarm / bewust

You've installed Umbraco and the "Txt" Starter Kit.

Edit the text on the homepage and create a site…

Go Further

The Txt Starter Kit only scratches the surface of what's possible with Umbraco. Below the Txt Starte…

Installing Modules

Umbraco modules encapsulate specific bits of advanced functionality that are easily added to your we…


The Txt Starter Kit gives you a small website that introduces you to a set of well-defined conventio…

What's this about?

This is TXT, a free site template designed by n33 for HTML5 UP. It's built on the skelJS framework, uses well-thought out HTML5 and CSS3, and is fully responsive making it a great starting point for your own projects. And, like everything else we make, it's also free to use for pretty much any personal or commercial work under the Creative Commons Attribution license, so go ahead and use it – just don't forget to credit us!