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You've installed Umbraco and the "Txt" Starter Kit.

Edit the text on the homepage and create a site structure by adding new texpages to your site. This is all done in the Content section.

If you find the editing options provided by the Txt site too limited for you needs, simply add more properties to the page by going to the Settings section, expanding the Document Types item and adding new properties on the Generic Properties tab. You can find more information about document types and properties at the Umbraco website.

You'll probably want to personalize your site by changing the current design. This is also done in the Settings section, by editing the CSS styles and HTML templates. Umbraco uses master templates, so the main, common markup is placed in the Starterkit Master template, while the Homeage and Textpage have separate templates for their unique layouts. You can find more information about templates and css in umbraco at the umbraco website.

Once you're happy with your site's design, you might want to add more functionality, such as maps, image galleries or forms. This is done by installing Umbraco modules.

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You've installed Umbraco and the "Txt" Starter Kit.

Edit the text on the homepage and create a site…

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What's this about?

This is TXT, a free site template designed by n33 for HTML5 UP. It's built on the skelJS framework, uses well-thought out HTML5 and CSS3, and is fully responsive making it a great starting point for your own projects. And, like everything else we make, it's also free to use for pretty much any personal or commercial work under the Creative Commons Attribution license, so go ahead and use it – just don't forget to credit us!